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    The objective of Landsat L0 Quality control reports service is to allow Quality Control team and more generally any users looking for information on data quality, to get report of quality control applied directly on the Level 0 Landsat MSS/TM and also ETM+ data.

    The main advantage of knowing data quality of Level 0 is to predict the quality of Level 1 data. Being associated to Level 0 and Level 1, the Quality Control reports can, be searched based on the following items:

    • The name of the Level 0 file name (WILMA data, ‘*.WILM’)
    • The standard reference associated to any Landsat Level 1 products (WRS scene – path/row; Mission, Instrument, Observation date).

    Furthermore, an advantage of this service, is the separation of error sources, in particular between those due to Level 0 itself and those due to the Level 1 processing.
    The service has been developed in the context of the Landsat re processing project. For more information, please refer to this poster ESA Archive Re-Analysis Service: Case Study with Landsat 5 TM data – X-PReSS Project , SENTINEL-2 for Science Workshop – May 2014.

    The theoretical baseline of the Level 0 Quality Control is described in the document here

    It is now the time to use this service by selecting a search type, ‘WILMA’ or ‘WRS’.

    About the version of the database / version of the QC tool

    • 01/09/2004 database V1.0 / QC Tool V1.0